Yogurt trail Mix Bars

Vanilla yogurt, trail mix and the perfect combination of sweet and healthy. OK  so you've probably noticed i'm a nut for things that taste sweet, but look sinful.  Its true. I cheat on every diet I've ever had. 

Black Bean Brownies

Black Bean brownies!  Brownies that are (GASP) healthy and taste great! I know, I know. Unbelievable. But unlike some late night TV commercial trying to sell you,  just one bite of these chocolate sticky bars, and you'll be convinced. Not to mention your family wont know what hit em. Undercover Healthy- brought you to by the farmers Daughter. 


Simple ingredients mixed perfectly together to offer just the right amount of sweet. No preservatives, no crazy colors you can't pronounce. Just a sugary simple treat that brings you back to when candies were 5 cents and everything was made locally. ( OK  so maybe I don't remember  this time either, but I wish i did! and I wish my grandpa sat in a rocking chair on a big ole porch and gave me caramels.)

Chewy, Fluffy Lemon Brownies!

Lemon Brownies!  These fluffy, sweet squares are perfect while sipping on tea or munching on the go! Sure, you expect them to be tart. (because of the lemon.) Also,  I know your thinking brownies should be chocolate. Wrong! This combination of sweet and tart is perfectly balanced and nothing short of refreshing.   Perfect. Summer. Treat.